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Co-Founding, Consulting & Coaching - three areas that couldn't be more different, but complement each other perfectly.


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As a development partner, we work together with founders as a team.  Results driven responsibility and long lasting partnership support are realized e.g. as a participation in the accompanied company..

If advisoryteam® is convinced of the founder/inventor, the entrepreneurial concept and the product, we will embark on the journey together. Both long-term commitments and investments geared towards a strategic exit milestone are already in our portfolio. 

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advisoryteam® develops and implements suitable growth and change strategies in partnership with companies. We are motivated by mutual success, whether we are on board as a temporary service provider or as an entrepreneurial partner. We love milestones and measurable results.

Billing by time, however, we consider disadvantageous for all parties. We guide young and established companies in their transformation with a unique network of partners and experts.


advisoryteam® stands for trusted collaboration and team building - both among the participating experts and service providers, as well as with the accompanying company.

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Change is our passion - both in corporate contexts and in the area of personal transformation. The human component of self-image and role model, goal setting, meaning and identification with the task is still often undervalued in corporate change today.

advisoryteam® has in-depth experience and certified expertise in the sensitive fields of business coaching and business change management. We bring this competence to bear in all our mandates, but if required we are also exclusively engage for the "people side of change" - whether for individuals such as managers, or for teams and entire company units.

In addition, as part of our #cocovestment approach, we coach founders or founding teams, as entrepreneurs often face tasks, decisions and situations in startups that they are not personally prepared for.

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