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As a team of digitization / IT and health experts, we have a particular enthusiasm for innovative, technology and data-driven products and services. We also believe in the long-term success of business models that make life easier, healthier and more sustainable for people and their environment.

Therefore, when we founded our own company, we decided to build advisoryteam® as a hybrid company on the pillars of "Co-Founding" and "Consulting Services". We understand our #Cocovestment approach to combine our experience and competencies from product and project business, and to invest in our own (co-) start-ups as well as external investments not only with financial means, but also with know-how and resources. This can be a project, a medium-term investment with a clear exit strategy or a long-term partnership.


We are proud to present our #Cocovestment start-up and investment portfolio to you on this page. We believe in the highly motivated founding teams, as well as in the products, services and ultimately market successes that we will achieve together with the young companies. Do you have your own product, business idea, or already founded a start-up that is suitable for our #Cocovestment approach to climb the next level? Are you looking for sparring, active support, investment partners or a boost in market development? Contact us at


Our models at a glance


Our Cocovestments


ANUMA - The current global Covid19 pandemic increases the "waste" of MNS masks, but even after this pandemic MNS masks from the medical field are in circulation and the global population will also change socially. Similar to what is shown in Asian countries, a trend can be seen that people with illnesses equip themselves with an MNS in order to protect others. This increases the need for a holistic approach to reduce the resulting waste and avoid further plastic inputs into the global ecological system. Using an innovative process, the masks are divided into their components: cover, fleece and metal bracket. The fleece is cleaned and disinfected so that it can be used in the non-medical sector.


APPROVE.ZONE is a holistic solution partner for (digital) health approcaches  & products and is supported by various industry experts (lawyers, medical technicians, doctors & IT specialists). We ensure private and professional access in the private sector, at events and in the healthcare sector by designing and implementing access, zone and access concepts: digital, automated and always based on the concept of holistic and partnership.


With our Bayne ice cream we want to offer people something unique to enjoy. You should also be able to treat yourself to something nice and you can do that with our ice cream. Our sorbet is a premium product with a maximum of 3% alcohol, ice and natural raw materials, such as juniper berries for Gin & Gently or wine for Frozen Rosé. Currently you get four favorite cocktails from Bayne. We create more sorbet cocktails to always give you and your friends a nice evening.


Corbiota is an essential part of the natural and animal friendly nutrition of farm animals. Feeding young animals with Corbiota’s products strengthens their eubiosis, the natural balance of microorganisms in their gut. The company’s special worms and worm products support the animals' gut flora and immune system, while triggering their natural instincts and increasing their well-being. The animals become healthier, more robust and resistant towards disease, hence reducing the need for antibiotics throughout their entire growing period. 

Corbiota’s worms and worm products are produced in an innovative worm farm based in Germany and are officially certified as an animal feed product. 


CORE ELEMENTS - a start-up from Stuttgart, developing smart, integrated components for bicycles, which connect them with smart solutions.

The spectrum ranges from wireless networking between bicycle and smartphone, a power bank for loading GPS devices or smartphones to a GPS/GSM tracker anti-theft/IoT- device.

The solutions in the patented application are marketed under the modular "core ready" system and are "invisible", i.e. they do not change the manufacturer's design


JOMMI - Nothing is more important than our health - that's why, thanks to smartphones and the latest technologies, we are now solving increasingly successful problems. Over half a million people are already using an app from the Jommi portfolio and are successfully pursuing personal health management, optimizing their fitness or losing weight. In addition, Jommi is the ideal solution for diabetics


SIDESLEEP TECHNOLOGIES BV - a digital health startup using wearable technology to train people to sleep on their side. 

Sidesleeptechnologies is developing the LEFT Device, which subtly trains wearers to sleep predominantly on their left side, where the stomach is positioned below the oesophagus. The result? Acid will have a harder time moving upward, meaning no more nighttime heartburn symptoms and the pain disappears, medication can be reduced and cancer risk as well as late consequences on long-term drug intake is reduced. In addition, collected data from the device can give insights on sleeping behaviour supporting new solutions of unmet clinical needs in this field.


Our Range of Services



We have long been fascinated by the idea of combining our experience from management positions, markets and project business and investing this knowledge in our own startups and investments. The feedback from our co-founders and investment partners that our #Cocovestment represents real added value for them confirms our approach and inspires us - and finally it motivates us to go much further on this path!

- Claus-A. Boche, CEO -

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