With the increased digitalization of virtually all industries, people are sending more and more data – often times particularly personal and/or sensitive data. This sensitive data is being processed, stored, transmitted and handled. Many companies are unaware of the threats this simple transmission of data poses to their daily business operations. Worse yet, some companies ignore the risks entirely under the vague hope that “it won’t affect your business”; yet, concerning headlines continue negating this naïve mindset.  

Even small and medium-sized companies are increasingly falling victim to data theft or blackmail. Many of those companies falsely assume that such security breaches occur because they do not possess the necessary defence mechanisms to prevent or stop attackers. 

We are not living in an ‘information insecure time’, because equipped and trained with the right tools, any company – regardless of size – can ward off or mitigate a large portion of internal and external threats. 

Our advisoryteam® experts have been working in the data protection and information security sector for over 20 years. We noticed that company heads only take action once a successful cyber attack and/or data protection incident has occurred. Avoid waiting until it is too late - take focused action sooner rather than later and tackle the right issues with the support of advisoryteam®.




It is hard to imagine a single company – whether a client, a partner, or a supplier – whose data are not an essential aspect of daily business operations, customer satisfaction, and product quality and the overall success of the company. 

In addition to valuable company data, there are also the sensitive and personal data of customers, which are often stored, processed, and managed by the company on the customer’s behalf. Customers expect and insist upon the professional and legal handling of their data. If a single data or security breach goes public, the entire image of a data processing company can be permanently destroyed within just a few hours.  


advisoryteam® specializes in regulatory compliance, the processes and the techniques related to the processing of sensitive and/or personal data in systems such as cloud applications, mobile apps, backend, and databases. We work exclusively with carefully selected, certified IT and forensic laboratories in Germany and Austria to obtain expert opinions, technical assessments and audits. 


Cyber attacks – both internal and external – prefer to target personal/confidential bulk data. Small and medium-sized companies have been the recent targets of attacks by hackers outside of the EU. These types of attacks are almost impossible to prosecute under criminal law. In these instances, the databases in back-end infrastructure systems are compromised, in which bulk user data (such as names, logins, passwords, email addresses, etc.) are stored.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR or in Germany, DSGVO), should, in principle, protect personal data and its processing. The technical measurements for information security and compliance with given requirements of the GDPR must be correct, not only for reasons of consistency, but also for reasons of efficiency. advisoryteam® understands both perspectives and incorporates them in our consulting services.


Time and time again, we observe companies who falsely believe that information security problems and issues can be easily resolved on a purely technical basis. advisoryteam® is not only a partner for the design of technical information security, but also for the individual conception and implementation of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) through the necessary governance, organization, processes and standards. Here it is our aim to incorporate information security and data protection compliance sustainably into daily business operations. Prevent risks and losses for your company and your customers by enabling your team to contribute to an effect IT security concept.


We accompany your business in the following services and fields of action within information and cyber security:

  • IT Forensics: Analysis and evidence protection

  • Penetration tests White-Box / Black-Box

    • Penetration tests product systems/control technology

    • Penetration tests Targeted Attack/Client Side

    • Penetration tests infrastructure internal/external

    • Penetration testing of web applications

    • Penetration tests App-Backend

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • System Curing Checks

  • Source Code Review

  • Code Reengineering Attack

  • System and design review

  • Mobile Security (iOS, Android)

  • Social Engineering attacks

  • First Incident Response by current threats

  • Cyber Crime Response

  • Analysis of Enterprise Cyber Security: areas of weakness and recommended measures

  • Restructuring and construction of secure infrastructures in compliance with cyber security requirements

  • Consulting for Information security and data protection (including German DSGVO and basic IT protection)

  • Implementation of an individualized ISMS (Information Security Management System) per business segment

  • Consulting and adoption of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) guidelines and requirements

Our consulting services in digital information security among enterprises include: 


“Data are one of the most valuable resources a company possesses regardless of its industry. For this reason, criminals consistently and methodically attack a company’s cybersecurity, making this a crucial issue for top management.”


- Norbert Adonis Kutscher -


  • We, the advisoryteam founding team, contribute an average of 20 years of experience per capita from various specialist areas: strategic management and marketing, product and service management, project management, controlling, IT and organization.

  • We have made a significant contribution to our success in numerous M & A, carveout, and integration programs in our roles.

  • We have accompanied and advised innovative start-up projects.

  • We have coached entrepreneurs and executives and accompanied them in their change processes.

  • We spun networks and brought the right people together, so that in the end, more came out for everyone.

  • We do not have "customers" or "clients" - we have partners who become more successful with us as a team.

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