Many countries within the EU have improved their digital services in recents years. Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark have received the highest ratings in 2019 and remain global leaders among digitalization companies. These countries are followed by the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Ireland, Iceland, and Belgium. The fact remains, many countries have a long way to go and the EU must improve as a whole in order to compete on the global stage. 


Germany – although ranked 12th – remains a forerunner in digital health.

Germany’s unique and efficient healthcare system, and the creative methods employed to introduce new digital products, bring the country to the forefront of digital health with the EU. 

Nonetheless many legal and regulatory hurdles must be overcome in order to succeed In the German market. advisoryteam® can be your partner for commercialising or expanding into the healthcare market – not just within Germany, but also at an international level.


Especially within the healthcare sector, topics like open source are heavily discussed. However, monetisation and privatisation also play a vital roll. The current global situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic has shown us once more that having this discussion is essential. 




Through our long term industry affiliation, advisoryteam® is familiar with the payer and buyer structure, the legal foundations, the reimbursement systems and the possible ways to provide standardized care. Young companies often fail in this industry for two reasons: the first, they lack connections to political or industrial decision-makers, and the second, because they often do not meet their requirements all together. Together with advisoryteam®, strategies and legal options are discussed, the necessary groundwork for decision-makers is completed, and the (digital) health solution is lead to success. Furthermore, advisoryteam® is integrated into networks outside of Germany, in order to facilitate expansion into a wide variety of markets.


advisoryteam® is able to expand businesses and advise them beyond just their commercialisation strategy, namely, we can assist in further areas such as IT security, quality assurance, process optimisation, or legal hurdles. With the "holistic" approach, strategies are well thought out and are examined in all areas.


Compared to other industries, digital health is still in its infancy. Digitalization lags far behind in digital health when compared to other industries. Particularly in the health care sector, digitization addresses prevailing issues and in a number of cases resolves them altogether. Legal discussions are often as lengthy and feeble as ethical ones - how should health care data be handled? What information are patients willing to share? Where should the data generally be collected? Open source or not? The digitalization of clinics and doctor’s offices, digital patient files and telemedicine are just a few examples of the difficulties faced by the health care market. In this area, we are already accompanying young and established companies on the path towards digital health success. Our network of health insurance companies, clinic associations, corporations, start-ups and politicians speak for themselves.


We accompany you and your business through the following  steps and stages: 

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"Investing time and resources into health care is not just a business decision, it is a fundamental one. Health is the greatest good that everyone is entitled to. That is our belief and our goal."

Julia Katrin Rohde


  • We, the advisoryteam founding team, contribute an average of 20 years of experience per capita from various specialist areas: strategic management and marketing, product and service management, project management, controlling, IT and organization.

  • We have made a significant contribution to our success in numerous M & A, carveout, and integration programs in our roles.

  • We have accompanied and advised innovative start-up projects.

  • We have coached entrepreneurs and executives and accompanied them in their change processes.

  • We spun networks and brought the right people together, so that in the end, more came out for everyone.

  • We do not have "customers" or "clients" - we have partners who become more successful with us as a team.

Claus - Andreas Boche

Founder and Managing Partner


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Norbert Adonis Kutscher

Co-Founder of advisoryteam®


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Julia Katrin Rohde

Co-Founder of advisoryteam®


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